Peaceful Way

Peaceful Way is a new system of thought and philosophy with the primary goal of helping individuals realize their true happiness and live a meaningful life. The foundation of Peaceful Way is based on the understanding that all suffering in life originates from greed and the ego.

  • Greed: Greed is often understood as an excessive desire for material goods, power, or recognition from others. It is not limited to material desires such as money and possessions, but also includes the craving for power, fame, and attention. Greed causes people to never feel satisfied with what they have, always wanting more, leading to unrest and suffering.

  • The Ego: The ego relates to one's self-esteem, pride, and how we perceive ourselves in relation to the world around us. An overly inflated ego can lead to selfishness, arrogance, and a lack of empathy for others. When the ego dominates, individuals often place their own needs and desires above all else, causing conflicts and disharmony in relationships with others.

In Peaceful Way, recognizing and controlling greed and the ego is seen as crucial to moving towards a happy and meaningful life. By reducing unnecessary desires and living a modest life, we can find inner peace and harmony in our relationships with others, leading to true happiness.


  1. Self-Understanding: Self-awareness of one's needs, desires, and limitations.

  2. True Happiness: Seeking joy and satisfaction from simple and practical things.

  3. Life's Meaning: Seeking and fulfilling life's purpose through actions and relationships with others.


The Circle of Filial Piety is a central concept of Peaceful Way. In the simplicity of this circle, we discover profound truths about life and humanity. Each aspect is not only harmoniously interconnected but also forms a continuous cycle, representing the endless interaction between moral values and achievements in life.

  1. Filial Piety: Respecting and loving one's parents, elders, and those to whom one owes gratitude.

  2. Philosophy: Pursuing a moral and ideal path in life.

  3. Goodness: Developing and maintaining noble moral qualities.

  4. Blessings: Creating and experiencing blessings and happiness from moral actions.

  5. Wealth: Achieving wealth through contentment, not just in monetary terms but in all aspects of life.

In the philosophy of Peaceful Way, the concept of "peace" is seen as the most fundamental foundation within the Circle of Filial Piety. From this perspective, filial piety does not equate to becoming more skilled or wealthier than others. Instead, filial piety is expressed through the peace of mind and contentment that children bring to their parents.

  • Peace of Mind: When children make decisions, big or small, we should consider the impact of those decisions on the mood and emotions of the parents. The goal is not just personal success but also the peace of mind of the parents, knowing that their children's decisions are based on mature thought and responsibility.

  • Peacefulness: Whenever parents think of us, they should not have to worry or be anxious. This means that in our daily lives, we should demonstrate that we are moral, trustworthy, and independent. The parents' contentment comes not only from success but also from knowing that their children live a healthy and happy life.

  • Peaceful Living: This involves not just taking care of parents materially but also creating a peaceful and harmonious environment within the family. This includes respecting the opinions of parents, sharing joys and sorrows with them, and ensuring that their daily lives are not affected by unnecessary worries.

In Peaceful Way, filial piety is understood as bringing peace to parents through one's own actions and decisions. This is not just a duty but also an expression of love and deep care for the parents, a way to maintain and enhance a strong and meaningful family relationship.


  • Meditation: Use meditation to create peace of mind and mental focus.

  • Contentment: Aim for gratitude and satisfaction with what one has.

  • Balance: Maintain balance in life, from work to personal life.

The essence of Peaceful Way: Contentment - Aiming for awareness and satisfaction with what one has, thereby creating peace and harmony in the soul and life.

Peaceful Way emphasizes self-understanding, self-development, and the search for inner peace. It not only aids in the moral and spiritual development of individuals but also aims to create a peaceful and harmonious society.

Viet Tri, December 29, 2023

Above is a draft about Peaceful Way - a system of thought and philosophy of life developed and expanded by a Vietnamese individual. It is hoped that one day soon this system of thought can be perfected and shared with esteemed fellow practitioners.


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